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National Private Pilot Licence

Qualify for UK NPPL on modern Pipistrel Aircraft. 6 month course,   


Call us now on 07540 899 690 to book your flight

Come see us at World Microlight Championships
Deenethorpe Airfield, 27 July till 4 August

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Flight Training for NPPL

Individual, personal training to gain your Private Pilot License.

Tour & Train courses are designed to introduce you to the realities of Piloting your own aircraft. 
Our skilled and experienced Flight Instructors will show you how to fly around the country and Europe, negotiating varying regulations, meteorological conditions and navigational operations, whilst you are learning to fly or soon after you have gained your licence.

One Day Course

One day course in flying. All briefings and upto 2 hours of flying included in this introductory course for the novice or the student pilot.
This will count towards your NPPL

New and Student Pilots are guided and escorted during the flying adventure tours. We organise permissions, hotels, visits to local attractions, aerofairs, aviation museums and other cultural and historical venues.

Zero Emission Flight

Come fly the Pipistrel Velis Electro. The worlds first certified fully electric aircraft. With zero emission in flight and very low noise, we join a select few around the world in reducing the CO2 footprint in general aviation. Our experienced flight instructors will be pleased to take you flying on your first electric experience.  You can enjoy learning to fly for your Private Pilot licence Course. Book your first zero CO2 flight now. Call us on 07540 899 690.

About Tour & Train Courses

We have been teaching people to fly and qualify for their Private Pilot's License since 1990. Touring to various places in UK and in Europe whilst teaching new students the art and science of aviating adds a very unique perspective. You are able to plan, navigate, fly and land at various large international airports as well as small farm strips and mountain airfields. 


The Tour & Train Course is not your run of the mill flight training. It is individually planned for each Student Pilot according to their personal preferences and time schedule. 


Each course is of a minimum 4 days to a maximum of 15 days during which we may visit several different countries in Europe.

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