Pushing Tin & Crossing Plastic

“Pushing Tin & Crossing Plastic” (with ref to large tin planes and small composite microlights) Cheryl had booked her One Day Flying Course 3 months earlier when she planned to see Her Maj. at a garden party in Buck house in London. On the day she had booked to fly, the forecast was heavy showers running south to north from the Isle of Wight up to Edinburg, keeping the east of England clear, sunny and gusty. We planned our flight to the south coast, following the principle of flying into the wind towards poor conditions so we could turn tail and return to base before the weather worsened. Cheryl did not want to use the radio and be distracted from her flying experience over our pleasant and

Gliding in Essex

My first 100 mile out and return in the ‪#‎Pipistrel‬ ‪#‎Apis‬. From Damyns to Ashford and back via a few interesting detours to find thermals. 3 hours from take off to landing. 20 minutes of engine time. 4 litres of fuel used. Flying under the LTMA is not easy!!! The radio was very useful; thanks to ‪#‎Southend‬ ‪#‎ATC‬ for looking out for traffic for me, while I turned round and round in thermals, scaring seagulls who thought they had the sky to themselves. The late March thermals were not very strong and I had difficulty in finding cores large enough to turn within. Route of flight

Flying Tour to Munich Oberschleissheim Airport

Aviation Museum, Schleissheim Castle for Biblical Paintings, Lustheim Manor for Porcelain Collection German Aviation museum with exhibits ranging from Otto Lilienthal's "Hange-gleitter" to the Euro-fighter, "Tyfun" 16th century castle and grand biblical paintings and priceless porcelain collection. At the moment, there is an exhibition of Nativity Scenes from all over the world. Some wierd and wonderful depictions of the Birth of Christ; in metal, wood, fabric, bone, clay, ceramics and paintings. More than 6000 items on display in the Old Castle. The New Castle has Baroque marble and ceilings painted. Hundreds of Oil and canvas paintings of Biblical scenes, battle scenes, hunting scenes, po

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