Atrocious RT

It used to be my fault that I did not teach my ab-intio students to use the aircraft radio from the first lesson. Because :- It is not compulsory to have a radio license along with a pilot license There was no radio station or ATC at the grass fields I used to fly from It felt like a chore to spend time briefing the student and not get paid for it The student had no interest in learning how to use the radio, as it is not mandatory The radio was not fitted in the aircraft The radio did not work most of the time There was not controlled airspace that we needed to fly through No one else on the airfield used the radio The above reasons and excuses are not applicable any more. All my flight stu

Faster than Storms

One my latest flying tour returning from the Swiss and French Alpine valleys dappled with summer sunshine and strange accents on air traffic control radio, I was very lucky to be faster than a rapidly expanding Cumulo-Nimbus storm cell just north of Paris….. I was flying back a couple of weeks ago in the middle of the hottest summer we have had in Europe for decades with temperatures exceeding 38C in some places… The weather conditions were just right for the damp air coming from the west, gathering moisture over the Atlantic and the English Channel to form the usual summer thunderstorms on the western plains of France. Unusually for me, I was not talking to anyone on the radio whilst flying

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