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Self Fly the latest aircraft

- Enjoy flying the latest aircraft 

- Full conversion training offered

- Once qualified, you can join our membership scheme and fly the latest aircraft from £160 per hour

London Airsports Centre

We provide flight training and ground school for the UK PPL, using modern, well equipped and professionally maintained sports aircraft. Based at Damyns Hall Aerodrome, close to the M25 near the QE 2 Bridge. You can reach us by train and tube from Upminster Station.


CFI & Examiner

Deepak Mahajan is the CFI & Flight Examiner. He is a full time instructor and has been teaching people to aviate since 1990, in UK, France and India, with extensive experience of flying all types of sports aircraft.


Welcome to the Fleet 

We offer Pipistrel aircraft for Self Hire. These are the most modern, fully equipped and capable sports aircraft in the world. Capable of more than 125 mph speed, they can take off and land in short grass fields.


We offer membership in our well organised group syndicates aircraft to new and experienced pilots.

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