Paperless Cockpit

A few years ago in 2014, the worlds largest aviation map printing company, Jeppesen, announced that they would stop printing paper maps for VFR flights. The reason was most private pilots and many commercial pilots and airlines had started using navigation applications and moving maps on their iPads. The demand for paper maps had plummeted since 2010. The data on paper maps is out of date before the map is printed, while the latest information and corrections can be instantly uploaded on computers and iPads, this cannot be so for paper maps. USING AND OPERATING SYSTEMS IN A PAPERLESS COCKPIT Now that you have eliminated all paper in the cockpit, can you use the equipment and fly the aircraft

Speeds of a different kind

Yes, it is another non flying day in the life of a flying instructor. Too much rain, too much thinking about things and not enough time to do everything. My previous blog about flying around Mont Blanc, drew some questions about the relationship of Indicated Airspeed and True Airspeed and how this would affect the Vne of the aircraft. As we all know airspeed is indicated by the "Air Speed Indicator", this is the difference between the Total Pressure and Static Pressure as the aircraft moves through the air. The Pilot's Operating Handbook tells us the speed range at I.S.A. (International Standard Atmosphere), which means the stall speeds and never exceed speeds are shown to be at sea level.

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