Mud, Sticky & Dangerous Mud

We have been so unlucky with this untimely and unseasonal weather in our little part of Southeast England. With greater issues of Brexit and Aerosol murders in the news, I am obliged to be distracted into writing about mud and how it can obfuscate safe flying practices. Sounds cryptic doesn't it. The other day, after a lull in the rain, I went flying from our grass airfield at Damyns Hall. The aircraft was the Pipistrel Sinus, a superbly smooth motor glider fitted with an 80 hp Rotax engine and a featherable composite propellor during gliding flight. Checks completed, we started taxiing over the very damp grass, about 3 inches long now, because it had grown a bit in the 3 days that it was w

Unusually Cold Weather Operations

INTRODUCTION I was going to write about flying in the winter and all its pros and cons; then thought better about it because in the UK we normally have mild winters. Generally, it is the poor visibility, low cloud base and wet, windy weather that stops us. However this spell of very unusual, easterly winds have brought the temperatures to below freezing in late February and early March, while the day gets longer. This is the time of the year we start to pull our aircraft out of hibernation and plan to go flying. But the unseasonal cold winds have made our local country roads more treacherous because we are not prepared with snow tyres or chains on our cars. Our normal driving skills and duty

Flying is dangerous, ought to be banned...?

It's boom and bust, all or nothing Drought and flood, rain and wind Sun and burn; turbulence and tours. Too much to tell not enough time. Adventures to boast about, that can't be stomached by Wussies who sit at home and whinge about other people's ballsy flying. What is the world come to in a few weeks of the wrong kind of winter? The runway's well watered, offices are flooded The wind sock downed by Force Ten from the south. I wake up in a dream and want to dream again because real flying is so dangerous, so exciting that it ought to be banned. The cost of living, without flying, is so cheap. Should I bother breathing? I want to fly Morrocco but mission creep may take me to Timbuctoo, a rea

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