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Flying is dangerous, ought to be banned...?

It's boom and bust, all or nothing

Drought and flood, rain and wind

Sun and burn; turbulence and tours.

Too much to tell not enough time.

Adventures to boast about,

that can't be stomached by Wussies

who sit at home and whinge

about other people's ballsy flying.

What is the world come to

in a few weeks of the wrong kind of winter?

The runway's well watered,

offices are flooded

The wind sock downed

by Force Ten from the south.

I wake up in a dream and

want to dream again

because real flying is

so dangerous, so exciting

that it ought to be banned.

The cost of living, without flying,

is so cheap. Should I bother breathing?

I want to fly Morrocco

but mission creep may take me to Timbuctoo,

a real place that exists after all.

The French went on their adventure first

now the Brits want a slice of the action too.

There's no point in telling tall tales

to those who are glued to the telly

and swear on the bible of bye-laws.

It's the wrong kind of flying

(it ought to be banned) my neighbour said

Just before he slipped

on the right kind of ice, cracked his head

And forgot all about tales

of the marvellous microlight kind.

©Deepak Mahajan (winter of our discontent 2017-18)

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