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Flying Tour to Munich Oberschleissheim Airport

Aviation Museum, Schleissheim Castle for Biblical Paintings, Lustheim Manor for Porcelain Collection

German Aviation museum with exhibits ranging from Otto Lilienthal's "Hange-gleitter" to the Euro-fighter, "Tyfun" 16th century castle and grand biblical paintings and priceless porcelain collection. At the moment, there is an exhibition of Nativity Scenes from all over the world. Some wierd and wonderful depictions of the Birth of Christ; in metal, wood, fabric, bone, clay, ceramics and paintings. More than 6000 items on display in the Old Castle. The New Castle has Baroque marble and ceilings painted. Hundreds of Oil and canvas paintings of Biblical scenes, battle scenes, hunting scenes, portraits and still life. Take a small folding chair and comfortable shoes and a bottle of water. Be warned, you will be enthralled!

Munich city centre with it's own special attractions is a 20 minute, comfortable train ride from Oberschleissheim. Leave the train at Marienplatz station, which brings you into the town square of the Rathaus (Townhall). Just around the corner is the Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady)with its tall tower. Further, within walking distance is the Asamkirche, a grand example of the Baroque period. Tips: Landing at Oberschleissheim is the most convenient way to visit the 3 Castles and Aircraft museum. Landing fee at EDNX is 7 Euros. Plan to spend the whole day from 0900 to 1800 to visit the town, castles and aviation museum. Entrance to Aviation Museum is about 7 euros per adult; family and OAP and student concessions are available. Entrance fee for all the 3 castles is 12.50 euros. Many decent restaurants and cafes in the middle of town. EDNX needs PPR by fax as they are limited to 1000 landings per year! The airfield offers Avgas 100LL and Mogas for rotax engines. Lots of sailplanes, ultralights and light aircraft as well as helicopters. Some maintenance and repair facilities. Friendly club pilots and a little cafe on site. The train station is within walking distance and you can get to Munich city centre in about 20 minutes from Oberschleissheim to Marienplatz; single journey ticket is 2.40 euros. A family return ticket for 5 is 12.30 euros. Once in the city centre, you will find open markets, beer halls, churches and grand palaces. All tourist traps, watch out for high prices for every thing!

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