No Borders for the Virus...

The other day I made a routine cross channel flight to deliver one Pipistrel Virus aircraft and return with a mate in his Pipistrel Alpha aircraft. The flying was routine along the French, Belgian and Dutch coastline, the weather was perfect. The air was smooth with a strong tailwind of about 30 knots, just the way I prefer it when on a cross-country flight. What was not routine was the lack of other aircrafts in the air in a normally busy block of airspace. I counted 3 contrails in the upper sky where normally there would be scores of criss-crossed white lines as if the Gods are playing Tic-Tac-Toe. The radio waves were eerily absent of the usual mid Channel calls made by pilots crossing ea

Magic Juice or Witches Brew

I am forever enthralled by the Magic of Flight. Fairy Dust and Magic Juice and Blue Sky and Fluffy Clouds and Puffin Winds are the enablers of real practical aviation that I commit to earn a living. Lets talk about one of the ingredients and look at it in a little bit of detail without destroying its magical qualities. Yes, you guessed it correctly. I am talking about the Magic Juice, also known as petrol to non-aviator, land-lubber, gentle folks. This complex chemical liquid is made up of really nasty stuff that I imagine are the modern equivalents of “witches blood, sacrificial virgins’ fingernails, rotten sheep entrails” and other such mephitic stuff. Magic Juice is naturally found deep i

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